Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Devil's Language

Now that i explained how the Devil works i will explain how he communicates to his people on earth silently, i promise you that if you take what i am saying serious in this post your eyes will be open and you will wonder how you did not see so much evil before. What i'm about to tell you has been around since 1,000 A.D. (the Lord himself gave me this answer, i had ask him this myself.) so Lucifer's followers have done a great job keeping it a secret for a very long time.

Just like the Word Of God says, "what's done in the dark shall be brought to the light" and that is why we have found out about how they communicate cause God will always lookout for his people. It's one thing i have realized is The Devil has to follow what ever God allows him to do and if he does something that is not allowed, God makes him pay some how so believe me when i tell you that everything that happens in life is by design.

Now the best way to explain how the Devil communicates is through video because it is so much to tell you about but i will use pictures instead and explain. I will show a picture and then explain what it means, each picture is real and is not edited at all! On a daly basis you can see all these signs on T.V. now just ask yourself why so many different people from all walks of life are throwing up the same signs?

 Now this first picture is the main 666 sign, it has been around for a very long time. Way before Bloods was throwing this sign up, they were mislead to believe that it is a "B" but it really means 666. Notice how Jamie is promoting it with both hands showing her full pledge to Satan rather she knows she is or not. Do you see the 6 on her hand? And how many fingers she holding up on each hand? If you understand, she his holding 2 6's, the 3 fingers indicates 1 6 each.
 Here is Beyonce showing her pledge to Satan on her album without most people even knowing it. It is the same sign Jamie is throwing up with a slight difference. You will see some people throwing this sign up around the eye, this stands for the all seeing eye. Like God see's all, Lucifer want's to create the same thing here on Earth and he is using his servants to promote it. I guess we know why she so rich and famous now huh?
 Here is the same sign again, can you take a guess why he is throwing it up? I mean out of all the things you can do or poses you can choose, he chooses to throw this sign up. The name of the game is get all the money you can and the more you please Satan the more money these people will get, that is what it is all about. That is why you see so many people throwing this sign up now days... There is a lot of people that is just following the trend to but just don't know what they are supporting.
 Now this is the "Devil hand sign" you mainly will see Rock Stars throwing this sign up but it represent the same beast. The 2 fingers represent the Devil horns, what is sad is that "sign language" was created by a Devil worshipper so sign language is nothing but a bunch of signs that benefit the Devil and this very sign is in sign language. I bet they don't tell that story in College, like i said earlier... The trick is to sucker you into doing the Devil's work without you ever even know your doing it.
 Now this is not a Devil sign but you wanna know why this album was such a huge success? Look at where the bullet hole is aimed at! It is aimed at the Cross, not at 50 Cent! It's little things like this you have to pay attention to see who is all about what. This is a very bold and serious dedication to Satan by showing his hate towards Christ, now ask yourself.... What did Christ do to 50 Cent that will make them launch such an attack?
 This is pretty obvious, what in the world is she throwing this sign up for? It's because she's all in that's why!
 Here's another rapper selling his self or "promoting" letting other Devil worshippers know "i'm in too so give me some business."
 This is a better picture that will explain the 666 sign, as you can see from the picture on where the 6 comes from, the 3 fingers represents each 6 creating 666. This sign has been around for a very long time.
 Looks like Obama is all in, i found a gang of pictures on him but i have some even worse news about Obama that i will be posting soon so be on the watch out!
 The Beatles showing why they were so successful! This is evidence that the Gangs did not create the "B" sign, that sign clearly stands for 666. All these people have 1 mind just like The Bible says, and that is to give the beast power to receive riches and fame.
 Another artist "promoting."
 President Bush shows who he runs with.
Yes Eddie too! These guys only got this big because of the deals they made but it's the worst deal anybody could ever make!
 Tyra showing why she is such a huge success.
 John Cena always show is pledge, no wonder he was WWE's biggest star for a while.
 This is the "all seeing eye" sign, same sign on the Dollar, notice he has a triangle around his eye. These people not taking these kinds of pics for nothing... It's up to you rather you see what's going on or not.
 This is a very sneaky way to throw up the 666, they getting smarter so you really gotta pay attention these days but they are coming all the way out also.
 Lebron showing his pledge, no wonder why they call him the "Chosen one" at one point he was doing this before every game!
 Now yall understand why Michael Jackson got so big right?
 Nikki is all in too, her and every body on that Label.
Same picture of the President just closer, and he knows what these signs mean... He knows cause he supports it, it's sad that so many people support this guy and they have no clue about him but i do and i will tell you guys who he really is soon... And it is a shocker!
 J.Z. been a Devil worshipper for a long time, so how is his wife not going to be one?
 Yes the Pope! I guess we know why we keep hearing about those guys and boys huh! Yeah they are in too and it's a bunch of Christian Pastors that are in also so don't think it's just Catholic's!
 I bet you never even notice what sign he was throwing up! His powers come from the Devil sign, yep Spider Man was made from a Devil Worshipper too. Remember what it is about, they work in the dark... What kid didn't wanna be like Spider Man? I grew up watching and loving this cartoon but he was made to deceive and get kids to form the Devil sign... That is just sick but very smart!
Just another chick throwing up the Devil sign, so as you can see... These people love throwing up that same sign so much but why? Just ask yourself why the same pics of the same signs over and over again? I found so many pictures that it is not funny of celebrities throwing up these signs but i think you guys get the point. So it should be obvious that something strange is going on and it is but you are entitled to believe in what ever you believe.

So i hope i have made things a bit more clear for you to understand, it is a lot more signs out there but these are the main ones, i recently started seeing refs in Football and Basketball throwing up these signs so it looks like the Devil own them now too. Remember, this is not to scare you... It is to wake you up and realize that you are making a choice rather you ignore God or not, you are either with Lucifer Or God... Life is not about anything else but making a choice on where you want your soul to go.

God Bless you and see you guys in the next post, do yourself a favor and educate yourself. I don't care if you a Catholic, Christian, Atheist, Santanist, or anything else... What ever you are, just don't be a dumb one! Study, educate yourself at all cost! Don't just take my word... Study and research for yourself and God Bless you no matter what choice you choose.  


  1. I had a dream about the all seeing eye O_O

  2. Really ? You are all sure that the Devil exists?

    1. Devils exist, it's hard to belive but they really do. you just have to show your feith and hope to Lucifer instead of God, show your faith and prideness to Lucifer and he shall bring you the Devils power:) It's my words, and i belive in Lucifer, i hate god, but i Love Lucifer and devils.

    2. I agree with you alexx but why do you hate god

    3. I agree with you alexx but why do you hate god

  3. what happen's if you can really speak the devil language huh?

  4. I have a Devil friend his name is Aidan and no one can see him but Everyone asks me why im talking to myself....

  5. Hahah Good try m8, but no.
    I'm just in the ''Fandom'' For the shits and giggles ;p

    Tho, if such a thing would be in existance.. Would be pretty brutal \m/

  6. Sorry to say but your just wasting your time when you die its over no heaven or hell. This life is finite thats what makes it so precious and yet so bitter sweet. Please just stop this and start living your lives.

  7. hey dumb ass your wrong, sign language was not created by a devil worshiper. it was invented by juan pablo de bonet in 1620 spane. not only was he NOT a devil worshiper but he was a pioneer in deaf education and a fucking priest sooo ya your an idiot. just thought you should know

  8. i believe the devil is special

  9. I am not going to agree or disagree with anything you say here, however I am going to play Devil's advocate here (isn't that a sort of ironic phrase to use in this context?) and argue that there is something slightly hypocritical about using the phrase "educate yourself" when I notice the mass number of incorrect spellings, as well as grammar mistakes, made throughout your post. I am not in any way calling you uneducated, however, please do not preach symbolism when you seem to be reluctant to use a spelling or grammar checker. Also, in Greek and Hebrew, the number we call 666 actually represents Nero, one of the emperors of Rome, who, if my memory is correct, played violin while the city burned. Otherwise else, there is nothing particularly notable about that configuration of numbers in our modern time.

    And claiming that Sign Language is a form of Devil's communication is particularly flawed, and a little all encompassing. Are all forms of hand-based communication works of Satan? Not only that, but you seem to imply that all forms of sign language are the work of the Devil himself. To say there is only one form of sign language is a little bit of an underestimate. Not everything one perceives as a sign is a sign. Not everything represents a complete devotion to Satan.

    Now, to quote The Exorcist, tnat am ed mulp al.

    That, for the record is not any form of "Devil's speech," though it might initially appear to be, especially since I cited The Exorcist as its origin. That line is actually harmless. It's backwards, and in French, but it is harmless. The true power of symbols is all in the mind of the viewer and if you choose to believe that ASL "I love you" is a sign of Devil worship, do so, if that suits you. But please do not expect the rest of us to believe it.

    And please correct your writing. Spelling and grammar errors are definitely a sign of Satan, to those of us who have to deal with it.